Besides slot machines and opulent ingredients, Las Vegas is also known for its unique and mouthwatering Asian offerings due to the city’s large population of immigrants who hail from various parts of the continent.

With restaurants owned and managed by amazing chefs from Korea, the Philippines, and more, you can be sure that whatever Asian restaurant you end up in will serve only authentic and legitimate dishes.

Here are the five best Asian restaurants in Las Vegas.

2. Nobu (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Blvd.)

Nobu (Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Blvd.)

Another favorite among those who love Japanese cuisine, Nobu is known all over the country for their innovative offerings that combine both traditional and modern techniques. Don’t forget to try their Block Cod Miso and their Squid Pasta – both are sure to tickle the taste buds of even the pickiest of eaters! With bamboo columns and oversized light fixtures, diners will feel as if they were dropped right in the heart of Japan.

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